Seismic hazard assessment and development of seismic hazard maps.

Seismic risk assessment and development of loss estimation maps for buildings.

Seismic risk assessment and development of loss estimation maps for lifeline structures (e.g., power lines, water lines, gas lines, transportation structures, etc.).

Seismic risk assessment for industrial structures.

Consultancy services for disaster management, emergency response and risk modelling and management for insurance/reinsurance sector.

Earthquake resistant design and seismic performance evaluation of buildings, historical structures/monuments, industrial facilities, bridges, tunnels and other transportation structures, dams and nuclear power plants.

Assessment of seismic site amplification and development of microzonation maps by ambient noise monitoring.

Linear and nonlinear dynamic analysis of structures and components for wind and earthquake loads.

Soil-structure interaction analysis under earthquake loads.

1D and 2D dynamic soil response analysis

Simulation of strong ground motion by 3D geophysical modelling, assessment of design basis earthquake and production of earthquake acceleration time histories for nonlinear structural analysis.

Wind-induced dynamic response calculations and wind design of tall structures.

Development of wind design codes for tall buildings.

Development of test specifications and review of test results of wind-tunnel tests.

Design and implementation of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems for buildings and bridges.

Development of real-time processing and system identification algorithms and software or SHM systems.

Ambient vibration monitoring of structures and equipment for dynamic characterization and operational safety assessment.

Field testing of structures for identification of their in-situ dynamic characteristics.

Shake table model development and testing of structures and components.